Mecard is a card that does not require any paper. It comes with a plethora of features that make it smart. With the press of a button, your prospect can quickly contact you.
The process is broken down into three steps: create, save, and share.
The most advanced program creates Mecard in only a few minutes. In minutes, you may start sharing with your clients and on social media.
Mecard can be shared via email, Whatsapp, SMS, QR code, and other social media platforms.
There is no limit to how many times you can share Mecard. It is truly worth sharing a zillion times.
Individuals professionals, businesses, and companies all can use Mecard.
Yes, you can have multiple mecards, each with a different email address.
Yes, you will receive your login credentials, which you may use to log in and edit any information at any time and from any place where the internet is available.
Uploading a photograph, logo, or banner is simple. Login and edit the card information before uploading an image; the best image size is specified in the form. The image file formats are jpg, png, and pdf, and they are all in pixel format.
For the time being, we only have one language available, which is English via mecard.
Yes, users' email addresses and phone numbers were validated by Mecard. All payments are handled through the well-known payUmoney payment gateway, and we merely keep track of the transaction ID.
Mecard encourages a complete refund in the event of any technical difficulties on our end.
Yes, your information is secure. Our application is hosted on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) server, and the connection is secured via SSL. We're also attempting to obtain Trust certification. AWS backs up data three times per day.
Yes. This can be hosted on-premises only if there is a volume of 10000+ cards.
Yes. Any CRM can be integrated with this. Once we have a better understanding of your requirements, the effort estimation shall be done.
Yes. We can change the template and functionality to suit your needs. Once we have a better understanding of your requirements, the effort estimation shall be done.