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MECARD- Corporate Card

How it Work

Corporate-Digital Connect Solution

The application is simple to use and administer. Corporates have insisted on making cards for all staff, both sales and non-sales. Every employee in your firm becomes a silent salesperson. The more cards shared by your employee, the greater the public awareness of the company's products and services. It improves your sales efficiency while increasing the quality of your connections.

How it Work

Fully Customisable

There are features built-in that cover all of your demands, but we are willing to customize based on effort cost, and practicality.

How it Work

CRM Integration

MECARD has been designed and coded in such a way that it may be simply linked with your existing CRM through APIs. It's feasible, thanks to some easy collaboration between your team and ours. First, we assess the viability and charge you fairly for our time and effort.

How it Work

In Hose Deployment

We are prepared to install our system on your premises. And we'll keep you up to date on new features. All you have to do is pay us a simple yearly licensee fee and a deployment charge.

How it Work

Training and Support

We assist you with onboarding. We will train you, advise you, and assist you with the setup. We are prepared to assist you both offline and online. We also provide you with a product handbook, videos, and tutorials to help you understand how to use it.